Leo is a Fire sign, so when the Moon is in Leo at birth it gives those people an emotional need to take action – take creative action – on things.

Leo is very much the sign of the child, the playful child, the child which is just imagining things, playing games, doing things in a spontaneous, unselfconscious sort of a way. It needs its sandbox, it needs its playpen to play in. So there’s an emotional need there to have that space unfettered and unblocked by other people because somehow or other the need is to discover more of the self through this play. To create something that reflects back to the person more of what the person is about. It likes to explore its world.

Leo is ruled by the Sun, and the Sun is at the centre of the solar system. And so I have to say that sometimes Leo Moon people can be quite self-centred, in fact perhaps I could say very self-centred! But it often isn’t in an ego kind of a way, it’s in a simple, child kind of a way. “I’m doing something, leave me alone!” “Get out of my space because I’m making something, I’m doing something here, I’m playing in my sand pit.”

So the down-side is that Leo Moon people can come across as being quite self-centred, and even quite stubborn. They tend not to want to be subjugated, or they tend not to want to take orders in any way at all, or even requests from other people if they are on a roll with something, if they’re doing something, or if they’re making something.

In relationships, however, if the Moon Leo personality has understood this need to be at the centre of their own world, and this kind of child’s need to shine, and feel recognition for that and appreciation for that, then in relationships they’re very, very loyal, they’re very responsible and steadfast. Invade the tribe of the lion at your peril because they will fight to the death! Nothing will be allowed to enter into the kingdom of the royal, winged lion of the Zodiac.

The Moon energy is very much about the private life, the emotional needs and things going on at home, so at home a Leo-Moon’s home is their castle. Once again, lay your hands on anything of theirs at your peril. Maybe I’m overstating that a little bit, but they like to feel comfortable in their surroundings, but they also like to feel as though there’s something about it which is almost fortress-like.

Some Leo Moon people do like to show off in some way their domestic set up, the domestic surroundings, their family and so on. So there can be some Leo Moon people living vicariously through their possessions, their property, their children, or their partners.

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