Gemini is an Air sign and so Moon-Gemini people have an instinctive and emotional need to connect with others in an intellectual kind of way.

They have a tremendously curious, mercurial nature. They can be very popular, they are very sociable people, and they don’t like feeling boxed in or caged in in any way at all. They like to be able to mix and mingle and move in and out of different social situations.

They’re usually very informed; they tend to gather a lot of information as they go around and they’re usually the agent and go-between for their friends; they can connect them up with information, or connect them up with other people.

The down-side of Moon in Gemini is that it is too profligate; it’s too cavalier, it’s too superficial, too many fingers in too many pies, too much going on in a shallow kind of level, not taking anything really very deeply, but just moving in and out of different situations, and moving on very, very quickly.

In relationship, Moon in Gemini is wonderful fun, and interesting because in their relationships they like to engage very verbally, and often they are very, very good at making others feel as though they’re really interested in them, because Moon Gemini people are always trying to find out more. But of course with their experience – and they usually do go into some wild and wonderful areas sometimes for experience, because there is this spirit of the child almost within them – they usually have quite a few yarns to spin.

At home, the Moon Gemini person is usually quite a sociable person; they’ll know their neighbours maybe, or just particular people not too far away within the locality – people in the local shops, that kind of thing. Their address books are usually pretty full. They’re very lively members of the family. They love children very much, and they usually like to have get togethers – that kind of thing. They’re playful people.

Moon in Gemini people are usually really good fun to have around.