The Moon in Sagittarius is very action orientated, but communicative as well. Sagittarius is a Fire sign, but it’s also a sign that likes to connect, likes to inform, likes to expand in some way its knowledge base, its experience; and so there’s an instinctive need with the Moon in Sagittarius to expand into new territories. The grass on the other side is always greener for those with Moon in Sagittarius.

Often you’ll find Moon Sagittarius people have travelled a lot, or if they’re not particularly physical because of other things in their particular natal chart – where the Sun is, etc – then they’re well travelled mentally, and they may like literature, or they may have a particular academic area of expertise, or they may just be people who learn from the University of Life.

You might have to say sometimes to a Moon in Sagittarius person “less is more, you know!” because it’s almost as though this energy of expansion just increases and increases and increases, and there’s very weak boundaries on that at all.

The down-side then, you could say, is that maybe Sagittarius-Moon people overlook details. They’re perhaps too keen and enthusiastic on something very quickly; they’re very idealistic, and maybe over idealistic, and not seeing the thing with warts and all, not realising about the pitfalls.

In relationship, Moon in Sagittarius people can be very interesting. They’re good to team up with to discover new things, to explore places and go to interesting venues, and to experience things.

Sagittarius is a very versatile sign, and so there’s this need to explore, to add to the knowledge base, and to adventure. Also, Sagittarius is quite an athletic sign as well, so a Moon-Sagittarius person might feel a gut need to exercise, to move the thighs through walking, cycling, anything like that, and to get into unfamiliar environments.

At home, well, sometimes Moon Sagittarius people have maybe more than one home. They like moving around a lot, so, again, it always depends upon the natal chart and where other planets are in the natal chart and which sign the Sun is in.

Moon in Sagittarius people need the home to be interesting, maybe lots of books around, or maybe there’s a stationary bicycle for exercise, or maybe there are weights. There’s this feeling of improving themselves physically, mentally, and once again this pushing, this feeling of wanting to push the envelope of life and get into new areas.

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