Scorpio is a Water sign ruled by Pluto, so when the Moon is in Scorpio at birth there is an emotional need to become intensely engaged with other people.

There’s something very intense about the sign of Scorpio, and charismatic as well. Often Moon in Scorpio people have a sort of aura or a charisma around them.

No matter what the sun sign is, or what any of the other planets are doing, the Moon in Scorpio person has a need to be in control, a need to feel safe and secure within an environment, however there’s something about Scorpio-Moon where there’s a need there for drama; there’s a need there for some kind of breakdown-breakthrough and renewal. Because this is the nature of the sign of Scorpio, it needs that feeling of evolving through situations, through stages of life.

The down-side of Moon in Scorpio would be that one is just stumbling from one drama to the next. Sometimes these dramas are circumstances beyond the person’s control, and it’s just what life throws at them. Sometimes as well they almost scupper themselves; they get themselves into situations where some sort of breakdown is going to happen, some sort of bridge is going to collapse. But there’s something about this that feeds this emotional need, this feeling of growth through breakdown-renewal-breakdown-renewal. Scorpio rules the time of the year which is Halloween, October-November; it’s the breaking down of the leaves and the fruits from the summer, it’s a transitional time of the year.

In relationships, as a matter of fact Moon Scorpio people can be ferociously and intensely loyal to their partners and to the people that they love in their private life. They might be a little bit possessive. They’re always trying to get people in some way not to change; they don’t like change very much. They are very, very loyal and reliable, and they see a relationship as a long-term thing.

At home, their home environments need that security. They need that emotional security as well, but they need to feel secure at home, all the Water signs do. Home is a very important place, it’s a place where Moon-Scorpio people can be quite secretive, so it’s a place where they need to feel as though they are safe and secure from the outer world.

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