If the sign Scorpio was coming up over the Eastern horizon when you were born, that means you have a Scorpio Ascendant. Scorpio is a Fixed Water sign, and it has an in-drawing quality with it.

The outer persona will also be a little bit like a door which has just got a little peep hole so that the person can look out, and decide whether they’re going to let you in or not.

Scorpio rising can be quite reserved, quite quiet and shy, but there’s this kind of amazing simmering, smouldering magnetism with Scorpio rising. They’re really is a charisma there, and a real intensity in the eyes. When Scorpio rising people do actually look at you, it’s like they’re almost looking beyond your outer appearance. Maybe Scorpio rising people don’t realize that power of that, because it’s ruled by Pluto, and that power is actually manifesting directly out through the Ascendant in to outer world. Even if the Sun and Moon are in quite light signs, that Scorpio rising on the exterior will hold some weight, and have this presence with it.

The downside with Scorpio rising is that maybe we don’t know quite where they’re at, or what they’re thinking, or maybe there a little bit dismissive, only because they themselves are not ready to kind of step forward and be sociable. Maybe they get in to a brooding thing. Because it is such a sensitive sign, before the Sun and Moon can come through that rising sign the person has to feel okay about it.

It’s a little bit of a closed shop, it’s a bit like the speakeasy from the 1920’s where there is this little slot that opens and they see who you are and then it shuts before they decide that they’re going to let you in (or not).

In relationship, archetypally the Scorpio rising person is related to Taurus on the Ascendant-Descendant axis, so they do partake of a lot of those qualities. The magnetism, the heavy presence of Taurus.

In relationship they can be very steadfast, very loyal, but maybe sometimes a little controlling, simply because it’s a protection for them, because they are very very sensitive. However, that depends on the partner, whether the partner really likes that feeling of wanting to be in that very sort of possessed territory of the other. There really can be a deep gut reaction to another which is quite intense in relationship. So that can be good or bad. They can be very passionate.

The parts of the body are the generative organs – the sexual organs – in Scorpio.

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