MARS goes retrograde from March 1st. Cardinal signs (Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn take note).

Mars is the warrior who boldly and independently pushes forwards against the odds with sheer energy and drive.
Mars is the passionate pursuer of truth, love (and lust). He likes speed, competition and a good row. He tends to have a short fuse, moves on quickly, so tends not to hold a grudge. He is a sprinter – not a marathon runner.

Mars doesn’t move retrograde nearly as often as Mercury but when it does it can take the edge off your enthusiasm and blunt your ability to be decisive and take definite action.
When the Mars vibration is muted by working in reverse, it would be nice to think a gentler, more considered side would come to the fore. Even if it’s a cease-fire for technical reasons. And it may do just that in many instances. Good news for the embattled, war-weary places in our world.

But Mars retrograde could just manifest as passive-aggressive behaviour or a ‘siege’ situation. It could mean that direct action is forced underground, and, depending who is on top in a long-running dispute, a subdued Mars might just result in a ‘tipping’ moment when the weaker contender is toppled. It may be the battle is lost but not the war because, when Mars goes direct from May 20th there will be a second wind and a new found vitality which means the baton can be picked up the race continued in earnest.
Machinery may stall or need repairing, but equally the smooth running of a plan or schedule, may falter or a personal improvement program may lose its impetus.
Or it could be you get all psyched up for a confrontation or some kind of big launch and when you get started you find the goal-posts have moved and it takes the wind out of your sails or that you actually find the thing you are looking for without much effort and have to put the brakes on.

When Mars’s energy is slowed, it turns inwards and, despite wanting to make a decision or get the ball rolling, we may have to take a step back and plan out that action with more deliberation. Like the coach at half-time in the dressing room in the midst of his team of hot, sweaty, players, with high adrenalin, he gives them the calmly thought-out facts of how the game is going, the strong and weak points and the game plan for the second half.
This is a good example of Mars in airy, intellectual Libra who uses reason and detachment like a weapon.
Mars retrograding here may mean more talk, more reasoned planning and less direct action for us all over this period.
But it could also mean certain enterprises and initiatives worldwide may stall or run out of steam, there may be a situation of stale-mate or of indecision or a tug-of –war which holds things up.

In individual lives Mars will incline us to be more reserved in our responses. We will have an opportunity to be more circumspect and notice when we are over-reacting, over-stretching or being selfishly self-centred.

That doesn’t mean repression though, as when Mars goes direct in May you may pop like a cork under pressure and splatter the walls. An inappropriate action or reaction you have made during the retrograde could come back to bite you if you have forced things to happen which were not meant to take place yet.

So Mars retrograde may just mean there is something of an impasse and you have to tread water on a project or hold off with a burning ambition.
However, this could work in your favour down the line. Because you controlled yourself and went with the weaker flow of Mars not pushing it during the retro time, then from May 20th the current may pick up speed and start propelling you and your boat merrily down the stream in a way which pleases you.

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